johnnie walker
Comments: I'll keep this short n sweet - there really is no other that exudes such a cool, positive and badass vibe in Hollywood - she will always be one of the best!
Date: Tuesday 20th 2017f June 2017 ( 09:43:20 PM )

Rebecca Armijo
Comments: Ms. Peters - I have followed your career for years - we are only a few years apart in age and I've watched you 'flower' as time as gone by seeing you through so much in your life. My husband and I saw your performance in Albuquerque at Pope Joy May 21st and were mesmerized by your talent, but more so, by how human you let yourself be while singing. We sat front and center and were merely feet away from you and could see such expression in your eyes as you sang. You have a beauty that comes from inside and flows like a waterfall out to the rest of us who love you. We do - we love you and wish the very best for whatever you want in your life and career. We hope to someday, be able to see you again and would love to actually meet you. Thank you for being who you are are for being willing to share your gifts with the world! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Blessing to you and yours. Rebecca and Ted Armijo Albuquerque, New Mexico May 23, 2017
Date: Tuesday 23rd 2017f May 2017 ( 01:39:02 PM )

John Chadwick
Comments: I had a wonderful time at your Orlando show. I hope I get the chance to see you perform in person again. When you talked about raising money for shelter pets it clicked with me that you spent some time playing a stray cat! Many thanks and much love!
Date: Friday 28th 2017f April 2017 ( 03:33:04 PM )

David Eaton
Comments: So excited to see you tomorrow night! It will be a birthday night for me to remember forever! Thank you for coming to Orlando! BREAK A LEG! We Love You! David Eaton & Pugsley (my 8yo Pug angel boy)
Date: Thursday 20th 2017f April 2017 ( 08:54:03 AM )

Stewart Black
Comments: The Devine Bernadette Peters, Seems the Tony Awards are without a host. You're not currently scheduled to perform on that night. Please don't break our hearts, have your agent make a call and lets see you sizzle the show!
Date: Saturday 15th 2017f April 2017 ( 12:19:02 AM )

Comments: Haven't followed your career closely (it's better not to be a creeper, right?) but have always loved your work. Hope you have enjoyed the trip through the years. Mj
Date: Wednesday 12th 2017f April 2017 ( 02:22:06 AM )

Jerry DeClercq
Comments: And another HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, slightly belated from a Feb. 27th birthday fellow who was a junior in H.S. when you were born. I just listened to "I'm A Fool---" in the Quincy Jones tribute back a couple of years. WOW!.
Date: Thursday 09th 2017f March 2017 ( 05:14:56 PM )

Helen DErrico
Comments: Happy Birthday,Bernadette, Enjoy your day!!!! Love, Helen and Johanna D'Errico
Date: Tuesday 28th 2017f February 2017 ( 04:10:53 PM )

James Denson saw La Strada
Comments: Bernadette, have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
Date: Tuesday 28th 2017f February 2017 ( 03:20:51 AM )