David Eaton
Comments: So excited to see you tomorrow night! It will be a birthday night for me to remember forever! Thank you for coming to Orlando! BREAK A LEG! We Love You! David Eaton & Pugsley (my 8yo Pug angel boy)
Date: Thursday 20th 2017f April 2017 ( 08:54:03 AM )

Stewart Black
Comments: The Devine Bernadette Peters, Seems the Tony Awards are without a host. You're not currently scheduled to perform on that night. Please don't break our hearts, have your agent make a call and lets see you sizzle the show!
Date: Saturday 15th 2017f April 2017 ( 12:19:02 AM )

Comments: Haven't followed your career closely (it's better not to be a creeper, right?) but have always loved your work. Hope you have enjoyed the trip through the years. Mj
Date: Wednesday 12th 2017f April 2017 ( 02:22:06 AM )

Jerry DeClercq
Comments: And another HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, slightly belated from a Feb. 27th birthday fellow who was a junior in H.S. when you were born. I just listened to "I'm A Fool---" in the Quincy Jones tribute back a couple of years. WOW!.
Date: Thursday 09th 2017f March 2017 ( 05:14:56 PM )

Helen DErrico
Comments: Happy Birthday,Bernadette, Enjoy your day!!!! Love, Helen and Johanna D'Errico
Date: Tuesday 28th 2017f February 2017 ( 04:10:53 PM )

James Denson saw La Strada
Comments: Bernadette, have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
Date: Tuesday 28th 2017f February 2017 ( 03:20:51 AM )

Don Williams
Comments: Would love to be on your mailing list and notified of tour dates . If your near my city would love to go to your show
Date: Wednesday 22nd 2017f February 2017 ( 12:03:53 AM )

Danny Reid
Comments: I've admired you and your work, Ms. Peters, for the good part of my life. It would be such a joy to see you perform live. Please come to Toronto, Canada. We've got some wonderful venues and you have a lot of fans here who would love to see you. It would be a great honor. Perhaps I could also take you to dinner. Damn. I took it a step too far, didn't I?
Date: Sunday 12th 2017f February 2017 ( 03:32:27 PM )

Andre revels
Comments: Hi Ms.peters. I'm a big fan of yours and I've been reading articles about you and your love of animals. You are a gracious and beautiful lady and I thought you ought to know that probably for the millionth time. Thank you for your love of animals your extronary beauty and your enormous talent. You're a joy to have in this sometimes very turbulent world. God bless. A. Revels
Date: Thursday 09th 2017f February 2017 ( 11:45:20 PM )