Stella is a Star

Bernadette Peters and Liz Murphy, the terrific team behind the New York Times best-selling Broadway Barks are together again with a story about a pup who discovers that being herself is just what it takes to be a star. Stella is absolutely, positively, 100% sure that no one likes her. How will she ever make friends? How will all her dreams come true?

Broadway Barks Book & CD

In a park in New York City lives a lonely little dog. He remembers when he used to get taken for walks, fed dinner every night, and told he was a good dog. Now, he's all alone and must fend for himself. But everything changes one day when he sees a lady reading in the park and decides to follow her—all the way to a place where he might become a star!

Dewey Doo-It

"Dewey Doo-it Helps Owlie Fly Again", a story based on the life and work of Christopher Reeve, book on CD features narration and songs by Mandy Patinkin, Bernadette Peters and Dana Reeve.

Sondheim, Etc., Etc.

A follow-up to her smash Sondheim, Etc. that captures the even more of the passion, energy, and joy of Peters’ electrifying live performance at Carnegie Hall.

Rodgers & Hammerstein

Bernadette Peters Loves Rodgers & Hammerstein ... and if they could hear this collection, they would love her right back.

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